Monday, November 19, 2012

30 Days, 30 Posts: Adoption...Blogs, Websites & Podcasts

There are so many blogs out there, both for organizations and personal blogs.  A quick Google search for “China adoption blog” offers over 4 million results.

I check in a few different personal blogs from time-to-time.  And a few of my favorites are:

Ni Hao Y’All
Jen Hatmaker (search for “adoption”)
Lysa TerKerst  (search for “adoption”
Jill Savage (click on “adoption”)

Adoptive Families magazine’s top 20 Blogs

Circle of Moms Top 25 Blogs

For Korea:

For China:

For African-American skin & hair care:  A website written by a white adoptive mom and it starts with the very basics (the blogger assumes the reader knows nothing about black skin and hair). Lots of how-tos, videos, product reviews, and especially hair style tips and tutorials.  Another hair-styling site  Less of a how-to blog, this is written by a white mom of an AA little girl and includes thoughts surrounding transracial adoption in general and includes their hair style journey and ideas.  Tips for taking care of black baby hair  Basic Q&A about topics relevant to black hair care A very basic workbook created by a social worker that covers hair and skin care for African-American and biracial children  Photo gallery of some hairstyles for girls (mostly school-aged)  More braiding and styling ideas and tutorials  African-American hair tips (which mostly features adult women, but has some tips relevant for children)

YouTube Channels: (Awesome for hair style tutorials)
Chocolate Hair, Vanilla Care
Girls Love Your Curls
Beads Braids Beyond

Retailers/Product brands:  Beads, ballies, hair snaps, and other hair accessories  Great products for natural hair (products categorized by curl type)
Kinky Curly:  Good products for natural hair (can find at Target or  Products for natural hair (more expensive)
Shea Moisture: Natural hair products (can also get at Target or Walgreens)  Natural hair products 

Basic (& relatively cheap) hair/skin nourishing products:
Cocoa butter (for skin)
Shea butter
Coconut oil
Argan oil
Castor oil
Olive oil

(Thanks to Jessica P. for all of the African-American resources.  What an amazing list!)

Don’t forget to search for Yahoo groups (I belong to [adoptionforamericansabroad]) and Facebook groups that might be able to offer support and information.

I am a bit of a Podcast junkie.  I love, love listening to people discuss topics and offer different viewpoints.  Because I don’t spend much alone time in the car any more, I don’t have as much time to listen.  But, when I do, the adoption podcast I listen to is:

If anyone has other resources to add to my list, please send them to me!

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