Life in (Xi'an) China

Our family moved to Xi'an, China from Suzhou in June of 2015.  We are still learning our way around this city of 10 million people and navigating our way around expat life in a city that is much further away from the coast.

I'll update this page as I learn something new!

The Xianease website is a good place to start to learn basic information about Xi'an and what it has to offer for expatriates.


Xi'an International School ( Yan Ta Qu, Zi Wu Da Dao, Bei Duan #5, Email:          Phone: (+86) 029-8533-5014 

Xi'An High Tech School (  New Industrial Park of Xi’an Hi-Tech Development Zone Xi’an, Email:, Tel: +86 (29) 8569-1659

Hanova ( 188 Yudou Road, Yanta District 学校地址:西安市雁塔区鱼化寨鱼斗路188号  Office: +86 (0)29 8869 3780 Email: 

The Lighthouse Centre (TLC) - A Family Centre and Children’s Library  

路之光家庭乐园及儿童读书会 - preschool located near the TV tower in the south/center part of the city.  The school is open Tuesday - Friday in the mornings.  Two days are taught in Mandarin and two days are taught in English.  


Wanda Plaza - movie theater, bowling/arcade, Subway

Lotus Shopping Center - DQ, Hagen-Daz, Starbucks (with a toilet), bookstore with simple crafts, pet shop and photo developing

Metro - sells many import foods and bulk items (similar to Sam's Club in the US), need a passport and letter from the company sponsoring your work visa to get a member card

Sunshine Paradise Mall - in the Xi'an Hi Tech area, has movie theater, Starbucks (with toilet), McDonald's, Subway, H&M, Watson's

the Hole in the Wall - supplies import food and baking/cooking basics to local restaurants, but also has a small store front for expats & locals, you can purchase flour, butter, cheese, some canned foods

IKEA - IKEA opened in fall 2015 and seems to be doing really well.  

Food Delivery:

The Tortilla Lady! - I love the tortilla lady.  She is a Chinese national who has worked with Westerners and learned how to make some great food.  She makes her own tortillas (three kinds), wheat rolls, pita bread, cakes, muffins, banana bread, coffee cake, white bread, biscotti and other yummy treats.  If your order is over 100 RMB, she will deliver to you for free within the 3rd ring road.  (We live just outside of the 3rd ring, but she extends the free delivery to us.)

Jinkou (,  online import store that delivers to your Xi'an apartment in freaky fast time.  For those living outside of Xi'an, delivery via mail can be arranged. 

l' acquolina in boca ( - pizza restaurant, create an account for free delivery!

Red Fort ( - Indian restaurant  call for delivery on weekdays, customer pays for taxi fee to and from restaurant

Fly Elephant pizza - There are at least three locations in Xi'an and they will deliver.  More information to come.


Do-It-Yourself Pottery - fun pottery place near Dehli Dahbar in DaYanTa (contact info coming soon) 

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