Friday, June 1, 2012

2012 Dulwich International Day

Recently LBean's school held its annual "International Day" for families and community members to enjoy.  Any country that is represented at her school was encouraged to set up a booth for attendees to learn more about each country by purchasing food and drinks that are unique to that country.  Over 40 countries were recognized!

Besides individual booths, there were performances from different counties, a used book sale, a country basket silent auction, a climbing wall and ball pit, a tombola (a raffle, I'll have to Google it). I bid on a few of the country baskets, but no luck.

A few of the attendees.

EBean pre-chocolate.  Even though she asked for the
mini-cupcakes, she changed her mind and wanted a BIG one.
Mmmm, sugar!
Post-chocolate consumption.  Much happier!

Children could purchase a passport and have it stamped at each country's booth.  One of Lilly's classmates helped to stamp passports in the Italy booth.

I wish we had more pictures, but we were not in best form.  Both girls were tired, it was the middle of the afternoon, it was hot, we forgot the stroller, and later that night EBean broke out with a fever.  A friend and her husband walked up to us when they first arrived to International Day and asked if we were enjoying ourselves and what they should do.  I must have given them quite a look of desperation because the husband laughed and said, "Just go home?"

I finished my time at International Day by volunteering in the US booth for one hour of serving hotdogs, chips and Budweiser.  I could not get over how many people really wanted to chow down on a hotdog!  I didn't have a US t-shirt to wear, but I did manage to find my St. Louis Cardinals shirt, so the midwest was well represented.


  1. Oh that brings back memories of our "Kermese" international festival that we had in Geneva. I'm pretty sure the USA served donuts! How ironic that today is national donut day!

    1. Mmm, I do miss donuts here. We have a Dunkin' Donuts here (and a few other bakeries), but I suspect they use oil to make the icing and not a butter base. So, it's just not quite right. I would love to have a cake donut from Ron's!