Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sports Day

Recently LBean's school had its "Sports Day" for the younger students.  All of the children were divided into their houses (read about "houses" here), which means classes were divided and each team had Year 1 (kindergarten) and Year 2 (first grade) students mixed together.  LBean is in the Anand House and purple is the house color.

Ready for Sports Day (and I love that
daddy is in the background with coffee in hand)

EBean and I also wore purple to
Sports Day to show our support.

EBean loves to visit her sister's school, so it was great that siblings and parents were invited to cheer on the kids.

LBean waiting for her turn.

Each house team rotated through several challenges on the field.  Teachers and assistants kept score and  a trophy was awarded to the house with the most points.  Anand House was in the lead for much of the day, but ended up with second place after the relay races.  As a newbie parent, no one let me in on the secret that parents and their children run the last race.  LBean chose not to run, but one of her classmates and his mom (and they live in our apartment building) took first place.

LBean with another Anand House student, he is also
in one of her after-school clubs.

LBean was so hungry after Sports Day that she ate school lunch and then went to McDonald's for a congratulatory meal.  All of us took a nap in the afternoon in the air conditioning!

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