Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's That? yogurt maker

Isn't it cute?!
This What's That? Wednesday post really isn't specific to China, but it is a new adventure for me since moving here.  Some friends in my apartment compound introduced me to the idea of making my own yogurt.  They said that once I started I wouldn't got back!  I did a Google search online for a little information and inspiration and there are so many ways (and a few are a bit over-the-top and include larger coolers, a specific temperature of water, etc.) to make yogurt.  But, I think I have the easiest way.  I take a couple tablespoons of yogurt starter, which are either the left-overs from the previous week's batch or a few dips from a carton of yogurt.  I pour a box of milk in (see last Wednesday's post), push a button and wait.  Usually I let the yogurt "cook" over night and then pop it in the fridge for a day to set up and we're ready to go.  Sometimes I have to strain the yogurt through a tea towel (available at Ikea in Shanghai, just FYI) to reach a thicker consistency.

I've also been told that once I start making my own jams & jellies and adding a dollop to my homemade yogurt I will be in heaven.  Actually right now my family is obsessed (or addicted, it's a toss-up) with my friend Megan's homemade granola that she sells and delivers on Fridays.  A little honey, a spoon full of granola and our yogurt and we've got a great breakfast.

Just to bring the post back to girls still prefer the Chinese yogurt I buy at Metro because it is very thin.  It's customary to pop a straw in your yogurt and drink it.  This makes it very portable and my girls actually finish their yogurt.

Now, go enjoy your Dannon fruit-on-the bottom or Yoplait whips yogurt while I dig for my granola...

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