Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day from the McClintocks!  A few weeks ago I found out that Lilly's school doesn't celebrate Valentine's Day, so the girls and I decided to host a party at our house for some of their friends in our apartment compound and across the street.  It was hard to decide where to draw the line!

Jamie went back to the States in January and he brought back some Valentine's Day candy, balloons and other supplies.  We also received two care packages within the last week, one from each grandma, and we had enough crafts for all of our guests too.

LBean and a classmate getting ready to play
Valentine's Day Bingo.
On Saturday morning we had our own mini-United Nations Valentine's Day party; we had Mexico & Spain, Hong Kong & South Korea, England, China, and the US represented.  It was great having so many different people in our home.  We all live in the same apartment compound, but we were all connected in other ways too.  For half the group, the husbands all work at the same company, and another half attend the same school.  Over the last six months it has been great building friendships with those you see at the bus stop and on the playground.

EBean's Bingo card.

Enjoying a decorated rice krispy treat.

Finishing her card.
LBean & EBean's finished "thumb" creations

Two very special friends!

Wii competition!

A whole lot of kids = a whole lot of fun!
The kids played Valentine's Day bingo and covered their cards in conversation heart candy.  They made Valentines that said "thumb body loves you" using their thumb prints and colored cards.  We decorated heart-shaped rice krispy treats and munched on Mexican tacos and fresh strawberries.  The kids ended the day playing the Wii and playing with toys.  You know it's a good party when it goes on for an hour longer than planned!  I think we could have talked & played most of the day.

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