Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What's That? Wednesday 8/31/2011

I'm going to try a "thematic" post for Wednesdays.  I'll identify something here in China, usually something that wouldn't make into a normal weekly post, and teach you a little more about life here.

The first week is a shout-out to this...

Any guesses as to what this is?  This fruit is called dragon fruit.  The outside does look like large pink scales, so I can see how it got its name.  It is a very mild fruit with very little taste, but Jamie and I still enjoy it (the girls do not like it).  The little black seed remind me of kiwi seeds, but the texture is softer than that of a kiwi and certainly not sour tasting.

My challenge to our family is to try a new fruit every time I go to the wet market to buy fruits and vegetables.  So far I have discovered that my girls love the mini purple plums.  Love them!

Stay tuned for next week's "What's That? Wednesday."

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