Monday, August 8, 2011

'Lil Bit of Normal

Last week was, well, kind of normal.  It was nice for a change!  Although this has been a fun adventure so far, I have felt a little short-changed on my summer.  So many of our days have revolved around the move that we haven't had lots of those fun, lazy days of summer.  In the States I loved to have picnics on the porch, take the girls swimming and consume massive amounts of freeze pops.  Last week there was a touch of normal and it was really nice!

We swam in three different pools, met friends (day-old friends that is) to play at an indoor play place and have a picnic lunch, had pizza delivered to a pool with friends (now 2 day-old friends) and swam 'til dark, ate a home (finally), played on the playground, date night, movies and the girls and I got our toes painted.  Just all around nice.

Of course there were some adventures along the way.  Laughing at the three men that came to deliver our hide-a-bed and them telling me in Chinese that it was too big to put in the elevator (2 guys came later to carry it up 27 flights of stairs and slightly disassembled), interviewing and hiring an Ayi (household helper), getting large jugs of water delivered to the apartment (and learning to buy vouchers for more), shopping, introducing our driver to this year's VBS music and trying to learn how to text him using Skype and Google translate.

This week's to do list includes...surviving our first typhoon.

LBean and I practicing our cannon balls.
Please no comments on why my splash is bigger than hers!

Our fishy faces

Our first piece of mail in China, our address worked!  Thanks Kim!
We got our toes done at Lotus, LBean's were free
since I got my toes done too.  If you look closely
you can see a small white butterfly on her big toe.
This is the life!

My toes, with a flower and leaves painted on the big toe.
I can hear my mom's voice right now, "They look great, but
the color looks like you have a toe fungus."  Green seemed
fun and it reminded me of Chinese jade.  (Love you mom!)

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  1. We've been thinking about you a lot lately. We were playing Pandemic the other night and decided we were really longing for a game night with the McClintocks. Hmmm...wonder how we could make that work long distance. Sounds like things are going as well as can be expected for you. Love reading about your adventures!