Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Start of Something Good

Monday was LBean's first day of Kindergarten.  I hope that she enjoys learning as much as her mom & dad do.  She laid out all of her clothes the night before and made me braid her wet hair so she would have wavy hair for her pony tails.  I read her The Kissing Hand (a children's story about a little raccoon that goes to school & how his mother comforts him), which I really think is really about helping the moms get ready to send a child off to school.

Nothing like sausage and eggs to fill up on the first day.
Little Sister was pretty happy too!

We were ready early so we could take lots of pictures and make a family event out of it.  Usually LBean will get on the bus at 7:30 in the morning in front of our apartment complex, but on her first day she was to arrive between 9:15-10:00.  Our driver took the whole family to Dulwich.

Posing in our entryway, in front of the shoe cabinet,
and waiting for the elevator.

Mom & LBean outside of our apartment building.

Dad with his big girls.

I wonder what she's thinking about?

Getting ready to paint in LBean's class.  Last look
for mom before leaving.

This week's lunch choices.
There were no tears from anyone and life moved on very quickly.  EBean and I rode with Jamie to Wuxi to drop him off at work.  We had a brief tour of Jamie's office and then EBean and I headed to Metro to load up on sugar, Diet Pepsi, snacks, cereal, etc.

EBean asked to pick up LBean from school when we were done with our shopping, so I had to explain that her sister would not be home until after school.  This took some convincing, but EBean figured it out.  After rest time (I try not to call it "nap time", that gets all kinds of negative reactions from my kids), EBean and I packed snacks for everyone and we walked to the bus stop to pick up her bis sister.

Now, to get up and repeat the process all over again for oh, about another 13 years!

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  1. Sounds like an exciting week. Love the Kissing Hand.