Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's That? Wednesday: Bug Zapper (Chinese Style)

Suzhou has been called the "Venice of the East" because of all the canals that run through the city, which also means we are surrounded by mosquito breeding grounds.  I am absolutely convinced that if our family had lived in China 100-200 years ago, we would have been killed by malaria or some other terrible disease by now.  Even though we live on the 27th floor, the mosquitoes still find their way into our apartment by riding up the elevators or clinging to our clothes.

Unless you've lived in China (maybe SE Asia in general?), you might not know that such a contraption exists. Let me be the first to introduce you to the Chinese Mosquito Racket. With the push of a button, a small electrical current can kill the pesky mosquitoes that take over Suzhou.  You simply wave the racket in the air and whatever happens to be caught in its cross hairs are electrocuted.  Perhaps not child-friendly, but effective. 

Here is our racket, in action.  Ours is so fancy that it has a light on it (hence the funny glare in the photos).

I went looking online for a photo of a mosquito racket and found this one.  But, what I really liked the best were the product features and advantages to this zapper.  I'm not sure if I am encouraged or frightened that you can use it on cockroaches.

TW-06 Electric mosquitoes shoot
Product features:
1. To kill mosquitoes, flies, moths, spiders, cockroaches, etc.
2. To absorb the pests without dropping and breaking, by the high-voltage static generated between the two nets.
3. To produce ozone and negative oxygen ions by the working electric nets.
4. To be stable in performance and not easy to break.

1. No smoke, no spot
Unlike the traditional mosquito killers, TIANWANG electric mosquito bat leaves no smoke and spot. (after killing the pests)

2.3-layers mosquito swatter, is fresh enough to help you drive the anxiety caused by the scorching summer, TIANWANG mosquito swatter is able to kill a wide range of pests in an efficient way, such as mosquitoes, spiders, moths and cockroach

Happy zapping!


  1. ours has an emergency flash light on it. pretty shwank

    1. Only the best for you and your family!

  2. Hi, nice and interesting bolg with lot of informations. We also manufacture and supply Mosquito swatter bats .
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi! I'm also a mom, a blogger and a... Suzhou expat! My children go in the same school of your smaller one! I think I have seen you some days ago (during school event) but I couldn't find the occasion to speak with you (sorry, I'm a little bit shy sometimes!).
    Hope to speak to you by person the next time!

    1. Anto, yes please introduce yourself! I hope to meet you soon.

  4. I actually have tried this racket and I can say that it is really effective. If you just hit on the mosquitoes on the racket it will for sure get electrocuted and it'll die. It is a good way to eliminate these mosquitoes and protect ourselves from getting dengue and other diseases brought about by these mosquitoes.