Friday, October 18, 2013

School Days (or is it Daze?)

Both LBean and EBean have had a good start to their respective school years.  EBean is still at Newton Kindergarten, which has two programs, a Chinese kindergarten and an international program.  EBean is in the international program and 1/2 of her class is Chinese and the other 1/2 are international students.  We love her program because 1/2 of her day is taught in Mandarin and 1/2 of her day is in English.  We were told by friends that we would really see her Mandarin skills jump during her second year at Newton and that has certainly been true. 

EBean hops on the little yellow bus at 8:45 and I get her off the bus at 3:30.  She eats a Chinese lunch (no pizza or mini-corndogs here) and is no longer taking naps at school, she's a big Pre-K kid now.  This term she is very excited to be taking swimming lessons once a week during school.  Although, she thinks they could do a little less kicking practice.

In the elevator and on our way to EBean's first day of Pre-K.  LBean hadn't started school yet, so she got to see her sister off too.

Let's go, we don't want to be late!

Time for a quick picture because the bus is here.

Getting on the bus and off she goes!

Home again.  ChinaBean is so excited that her sister is home.  She was waving frantically and saying "jie jie" (big sister) over and over.

LBean is a big Year 3 (2nd grader)  at Dulwich College this year.  This means a new school building, the junior school, a new school uniform, and lots more responsibility.  I think she was more excited than nervous about all the changes and she has handled it really well.  This term she is taking ballet once a week after school and Suzuki violin once a week during school.  She also enjoys being able to go to the library during recess time.

Jamie walks LBean to the bus every morning at 7:30 before he catches his ride to work.


About a month after school started, EBean's new school uniform arrived.  This is the first year that her school is requiring uniforms Monday-Thursday.  Fridays are free-dress days.  She is really excited to wear a uniform just like her big sister and it makes getting ready in the morning really, really easy (yeah)!

It seems that once school starts, time begins to fly and we measure time by the next approaching school holiday.  One holiday down, just a few more to go...

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