Sunday, January 6, 2013

Best Christmas present ever!

Jamie and I received the best present ever this year for Christmas and it didn't even come wrapped!

On December 21st around 6:00 am, we received "the call", the one we had been waiting sometimes patiently for (and other times not so patiently).  Our adoption placement agency had received our LOA (letter of approval), which means China has agreed to the match with the newest McClintock.  The woman from the agency apologized for waking me up, but trust me, I didn't mind in the least!

Going into this, we knew that the littlest McClintock has some major medical hurdles.  Right now we ask for prayers as we learn more about what medical needs have to be addressed in China before the little one can travel and what can wait until we return to the US after the adoption is finalized.

We don't have a specific timeframe yet, but it is possible that we could be traveling in 3-4 months to finalize the adoption and then we need to return to the US within 6 months to hit US soil and make it official.  

Jamie and I were open to either a girl or a boy, so we didn't know for sure what the littlest one would be, but LBean and EBean are happy to announce that it is a...

Since the big sisters are nicknamed LBean and EBean for the blog, I think it's fitting that we have a ChinaBean too!  And today's Chinese lesson is the word for little sister, which is "Mei Mei" (pronounced "may may").

As you might imagine, I have a lot of paperwork and research to do in the next few months and so blogging will take a back seat (unless I need a creative outlet).  But, I hope to get caught up some day...I still have things from October to post!

Happy 2013!  Our year is off to a fantastic start.

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  1. What a wonderful start to your day! Looking forward to hearing all about this journey.