Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yi, Er, San (1, 2, 3) Birthday Parties for EBean

It hardly seems possible, but three short years ago we welcomed EBean into our family.  It wasn’t my goal to celebrate her birthday three times this year, but it ended up working out that way, which didn’t seem to bother her a bit.
EBean's first party was a joint party with a classmate.  Those December birthdays can be a bit tricky to plan around Christmas programs and other holiday activities, so we held the party a week before her actual birthday.  I had asked a friend if she might agree to hosting a party together since her daughter’s birthday is the week after Elise’s and we would be inviting the same little girls to both parties.  Thankfully she said "yes"!  I'll be honest, throwing a party in China for the first time really worried me.  Where do I buy favors, decorations, and other things to make the day special?  There is no Hobby Lobby or Factory Card Outlet here to do some one-stop shopping.  It was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders when I knew I wouldn't be hosting alone.  The two birthday girls and moms spent one morning decorating my friend’s house for the girly-ballerina party and making cupcakes.  
So happy to be making cupcakes!

I love how EBean's friend is "helping" by holding her wrist.

On party day we had someone come and do hair and nails for the girls before they put on their new fairy wings and took a few ballet “lessons”.  All the girls enjoyed twirling and prancing around to some music.  The girls made their own personal pizzas and while they were baking, I read an Angelina Ballerina book.  We also played “Pin the Tutu on the Ballerina.”  Jamie used his superior crafting skills to construct all of the pieces for me.
She wouldn't let the woman from the salon
do her nails, but she would let me paint them.

Pin the tutu on the ballerina.  Thanks
to Jamie for making the game!

Doing our ballerina stretches.

The two remaining readers for Angelina Ballerina.

We sang “Happy Birthday” to each birthday girl and devoured cupcakes for dessert.  It was a very fun day.
Eating the homemade pizzas.

Getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday"
I couldn’t let the actual day of EBean’s birth go by without a small celebration, so I had everything planned and ready to go the night before.  We were going to have cake for breakfast (who doesn’t love that?) and open presents before LBean left for school since Jamie was going to be gone that night for a work dinner.  The table was set, pretty napkins were out, cupcakes were ready to be eaten, but I didn’t plan for the fact that EBean would be sick when she woke up.  Poor thing!  She felt a little ambushed and didn’t quite know what was going on.
I'm hiding because I don't feel good and I don't know what's going on. 
Oh, presents?  Okay, I'm happy now. :)

Lookie, a Barbie!

EBean’s third and final birthday party was back in the States with family.  My oldest niece Alison was in charge and ordered pizzas, had a banner made, and designed a Pooh birthday cake (per EBean’s request).  If was fun celebrating with friends and family and EBean truly celebrated all month long!

Cousin Alison did a great job planning EBean's third party.

That's a happy three-year-old sporting a fine
outfit of leopard-jammies & a zebra-striped skirt.

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