Tuesday, July 19, 2016

It's Our Chinaversary!

Let’s celebrate?

Somehow we’ve reached the 5-year-mark of living in China.  The traditional gift for a fifth wedding anniversary is wood, so I guess I’ll get Jamie a set of chopsticks to mark our 5th Chinaversary.  Do you think he will be amused?

Facebook has been reminding me of my posts from half-a-decade ago…meeting a stranger (turned friend, she was already living in Suzhou) Stacey at the Chicago airport, having breakfast with Gene Simmons, landing safely in Suzhou and starting our expatriate experience.  This adventure was supposed to last a grand total of 18-24 months and here we are at the 60 month mark.  Funny how that happens!

We have not loved every month (or week, or day) of this experience, but the good has outweighed the hard.  The collection of friends, memories, and experiences has made it so very worth it.

Here we are, chatting on our
Chinaversary...Jamie in China,
the rest of us in the US.
I know my blogging has slowed down to a mere trickle of infrequent posts.  There are several reasons for that, some intentional, some not.  The intentional reasons are to try and be fully present with my girls when they are home, to give myself plenty of time to help our family to settle into our new city and home, and to not place my personal to-do list over the needs of my family.  

The unintentional is that chasing three school-age kiddos around is hard work and my days are full!  The by-product is that by the end of the night I am exhausted and have little energy for anything beyond a Netflix binge.  We’ve also traveled a lot this past year; five trips outside of China (along with those frequent flights to Shanghai for orthodontist appointments).  And finally, we’ve been processing our move last summer and trying to fall in love with our current city and frankly it’s been a challenge.  

Looking ahead, I’m not sure what this next year will bring.  Maybe some changes?  But, in the meantime, our family is sure enjoying our time in the U.S. surrounded by family and friends.  It’s been a good summer!
Exploring the Mark Twain Caves in Hannibal, Missouri

Let’s raise a glass of green tea and toast to the last 5 years.  Cheers!

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