Wednesday, March 30, 2016

It's the Year of the Monkey

Another spring festival has ended and the Year of the Monkey has begun in China.  We just happen to have three monkeys at our house!

Happy New Year from our monkeys to yours!

Each year the has an animal that represents the Chinese Zodiac and they rotate through every 12 years.  And, since I was born in the year of the monkey, this year is my year!  

Apparently people who were born in the year of the monkey are smart, clever, enthusiastic, and innovative.  Yay for me! But, monkeys are also known as being jealous, selfish, cunning and arrogant.  Yikes.  I guess that I work on those things this year.

This year's new year celebrations were a bit different than our time in Suzhou.  There was no big company dinner and Jamie didn't have to give any speeches.  Our girls did have three weeks off of school and we were able to take a vacation outside of China (more on that later).

Now that Christmas travel is done, the Chinese New Year festivities and travel are done, and we all seem to be healthy at the same time (at least at this very moment), so it might be time to finish unpacking our last few boxes and finally hanging up our pictures.  Such an exciting time at our place!

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