Wednesday, April 1, 2015

2015 World Figure Skating Finals (Women's Long Program)

I happened to pick up a copy of the China Daily newspaper on a recent flight and was excited to find that the World Figure Skating Finals were going to be in Shanghai.  First thing on Monday morning I had some help tracking down tickets (because at the point you had to go to the venue to pick them up in person - will call would have been a bit handier).  
We spent Saturday enjoying some very talented figure skaters.  We had no idea what to expect and we didn't know that we'd be there for 4 hours and over lunch time.  In the US at a sporting event there would have been several options for food, most of them covered in processed cheese.  This being an event in China, I should have known to bring our own food.  I was not thinking!  The girl snacked on popcorn and suckers.  Towards the end of the event I almost got bold enough to ask the couple next to us for their extra chips.  The guy virtually had a grocery store in his bag...sandwiches, chips, and some other snacks.

Despite our hunger, we had a great time.  The staff at the event were so kind and polite and the spectators were amazing.  When the last 2 groups of skaters performed the audience pulled out flags for each of the performers respective countries, even those with complicated histories.  Very impressive!

It was very special to cheer on the US skaters while on our "home" soil in China.  We proudly waved our flags and screamed just a bit!

First competitor

Unless cousin Molly competes some day, I doubt
we'll be at another World Championship!

Flags ready and watching closely.


US skater Gracie Gold 
US skater Ashley Wagner
Great job Ashley!
Waiting for the scores
Sporting some US pride 
US skater Polina Edmunds
The little skaters picking up the stuffed animals
thrown to the skaters.
This bear was bigger than the little skater
trying to carry it!
The winners...Russia, Japan and Russia.
Medals ceremony
I enjoy going to Shanghai to take advantage of the opportunities "city" has to offer! 

And, no, we don't have 4 girls now...we grabbed a friend of LBean's so she could enjoy the day too.  Jamie weathered the estrogen, Taylor Swift tunes and figure skating very, very well.  We appreciate his dedication to his daddy duties!

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  1. So exciting that you got to see the skating championships! My parents live about an hour away from Lake Placid, NY, (site of the 1932 and 1980 Olympics), and I have been blessed to attend skating events when I go home to NY. It is so cool to see the great skaters in person. What an awesome memory you will all have!