Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Made in the USA

In the US the joke is that everything is made in China.  I think there could be several statistics to (nearly) back that claim.  But, on two separate occasions, when I have been particularly observant,  I have noticed some good ‘ole “Made in the USA” products here on the mainland.

The first time was at the girls’ doctors office in Shanghai.  One of the international hospitals uses otoscopes that are made in the US.

And the second time was this past weekend. At McDonald’s. Near the bathroom.  The hand dryers were not only made in the US, but also in my home state of Illinois.  You really just never know!

(And, for full disclosure, when I told the girls that their reward for being such good troopers while I dragged them through Old Town was McDonald's, LBean groaned.  She really wanted to have sweet & sour pork from Yang Yang's.  Sorry missy, mama wanted a spicy chicken sandwich.)

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