Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Big Pants Update

No, this has nothing to do with the status of my wardrobe, thank you very much.  "Big Pants" is the nickname given to the large gateway tower that is being built across the street from our apartment compound.  I'm sure the architect is thrilled by that nickname.

Here are some side-by-side shots of what our views of the neighborhood were when we moved in 2011 and what it looks like now.

Looking north at the Korean neighborhood center:

Looking down at Modern Ave:

Looking out at Jinji Lake and RainboWalk.  All of the
trees in the park between the Crowne Plaza Hotel
RainboWalk have been removed.  And now, there is
temporary housing for the workers where the 
weekly laser light show took place.

 Looking south at the "Pants" building.

2011 the building was just getting started and you
could still see green grass.

 My view from the girls' bus stop before we left for summer holiday:

And now, everything is several stories taller:

The view from our living room.
I think this will become a road so the workers can drill
underneath the intersection.
This used to be a park along the lake.  The blue houses
are temporary rooms for the workers.
Cranes & concrete
Can you see the yellow helmets of all the workers?

This is the intersection I have to get through to
go on my run.  I try and time it just right.
This is what the finished product is supposed to look like.  Our apartment compound is to the right (north & across the street) of the Big Pants arch.

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