Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Typhoon Tuesday & Tuna Tradition

A typhoon was passing through the area today, so it was too wet to be outside.  Instead, we stayed inside after school.  We played with some pumpkin-spiced homemade play doh.  Everyone played with the play doh for over an hour, even Ayi!

ChinaBean giving the "V" for victory.
EBean made several birthday "cakes".
After I explained to Ayi that, even though I had cooked the play doh on the stove, we don't eat it!  Instead we played and played some more.
Love Ayi's smile!

We ended the evening with a new-ish tradition.  Jamie is in Japan all this week and for a long time we have eaten tuna noodle casserole for dinner when Jamie is traveling.  The tradition was born when I was trying to decide what to make for dinner when Jamie was gone.  It seems that the dinner expectations are lowered a bit when he is away.  I tried to think of something that we might enjoy, but that Jamie wouldn't mind missing...tuna noodle casserole came to mind.  He hates canned tuna (he's so refined, I am not, I love the stuff).  The girls enjoy it too, so although we miss daddy very much when he's gone, we try to enjoy our "girl party" and canned tuna.  See you soon daddy!

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