Saturday, July 12, 2014

This Year's Recovery: Brought to Us by the Movie Frozen

Seriously folks, I think ChinaBean has watched the Disney movie Frozen 10 times in the last 48 hours.  But, since ChinaBean is the one recovering from heart surgery she gets to choose the movie.  The hospital put the movie on their hospital entertainment network about 2 weeks ago and I can guarantee that it has the best money they've spent.  One nurse told us that before that the hospital only had 2 copies of the movie and they had to track which room had the movie for fear that the movies would not be returned.  

Watching it with mama.
And again with Baba.
ChinaBean has officially been moved down in her level of care to Pediatric Intermediate Care, which means the nurse to patient ratio is 3:1 instead of 1:1 or 1:2.  The hospital is at full capacity on our floor, so even though she's stepped down in care, we haven't moved rooms.

ChinaBean walked a little yesterday during one trip to the activity room and today we bumped it up to two trips.  Her pain is being managed by Tylenol and Ibuprofen now and she is making good progress.  We're still waiting for a few non-heart related systems to return to their normal functions, but that will come with time. 

Playing on the iPad in the activity room.
And a tea party with Baba and a doll I affectionately call Stinky Baby.
Even though Elsa & Ana are ChinaBean's favorite princesses right now, we did get to see many of the other Disney Princesses today.  Some students from the choir at IVC (Illinois Valley Central) have started dressing up as different princesses, and Prince Charming too.   They visit the hospital to sing to the children and hand out stuffed animals.  Cinderella performed for us and we really appreciated their visit.
Prince Charming and the Disney Princesses 
My princess with the other Princesses.

We are starting to see glimpses of ChinaBean's personality.  She talked more today, smiled some, did a little of her dramatic arm movements for the song "Let it Go" and even gave her day-time nurse a good-bye wave.  Everything is moving in the right direction.  Jia you!

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