Thursday, January 30, 2014

Newton Sports Day

Last fall EBean's school had their annual Sports Day.  All the children march out with their classes and waving flags.  The year before EBean was supposed to wear yellow, which we didn't have.  I did a frantic search at a local children's store and found a yellow sweater, which was probably only worn for Sports Day.

This year was much easier because now the children wear uniforms to school Monday-Thursday and Friday is free dress day.  The school provided the classes with colored scarves, so my only instruction was to wear red for the Sports Day.

For some reason, which I still don't quite understand, Elise was promoted to "big flag carrier" and she got to march out carrying the large, red Newton flag.

Here she comes...

Waving her class's flag.

And now has made eye contact with mom and won't look at the camera.

Waiting with her class.

Getting ready for morning exercises.

ChinaBean enjoyed the morning at her big sister's school too.

There four different games or races to complete. In between each activity the children did part of their morning exercises and dances.

EBean is getting ready for her race.  Last year she wouldn't participate at all and this year she did all four games.

ChinaBean was very excited to be with the rest of the students and she tried to act like a big girl.

We made it down the slide a few times in between games.

EBean's last race was the cutest.  They had to dress up in a fireman's costume, race the wheelbarrow with a water gun through the cones, and then spray a "burning" boat.  EBean has good aim!

Everyone was awarded a gold medal at the end.  "We are the Champions" was evening blaring in the background.

Congrats EBean!


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