Thursday, June 20, 2013

School's Out for the Summer!

My girls are out for the summer, from all their schools...China and America.  

We left China in April to return to the US for China Bean's surgery.  Because my oldest girls would miss the end-of-the-year festivities and good-byes, each girl took in treats to her class to tell them "see you in the fall".

EBean attends a school that has both a Chinese section and an international section.  In EBean's class, about have are Chinese and the rest of the students are from various countries.  Half of EBean's day is conducted in Chinese and the other half is done in English.  I'm pretty sure that she has the best language skills out of our entire family!  The current plan is for her to attend the same school in the fall.

The children enjoying cupcakes.  We had to
tell some of the students how to take the paper
cupcake liners off and eat the cupcakes.
EBean with her classroom Ayi (assistant)
EBean with her "English" teacher.  The teacher
attended the same university in the US that
Jamie and I attended!
LBean attends a private British school and she studies Mandarin for 30 minutes a day.  Below is a picture of her Mandarin teacher and class.  

LBean was in Year 2 this past year, which is the equivalent of 1st grade in the US.  Below is a picture of LBean's class and her classroom assistant.  LBean's class celebrated with cupcakes too, which has become a favorite.  It really is just a cupcake mix from a box, but they sure do like eating them!

Love this picture of LBean and a classmate.  Her friend gave
her a book as a "going away" present.

LBean's Year 2 Class
We were very fortunate that both EBean and LBean were able to attend school for a month in the US while ChinaBean was preparing for and recovering from her open heart surgery.  It helped provide some normalcy and familiarity for them as well as keep LBean up on her academics (LBean missed the entire last term of her school in China).

EBean with her preschool teacher.
LBean had a very special 1st grade teacher and I can say
that because she is my sister-in-law! I think LBean only
goofed once and call her Aunt instead of Mrs. B.  
We are excited that ChinaBean's medical restrictions have been lifted and we are going to make as many "American" summer memories as possible.

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