Saturday, March 23, 2013

Give me a "T", Give me an "A"!

My early morning habit of checking my email paid off this morning.  We received another email from our adoption agency and this one said we had our TA (travel approval)!!!!  As soon as our agency can arrange an appointment, we will travel to Nanjing and take legal custody of our daughter.  This could potentially be as early as April 1st.  We need to have some original documents, which our agency currently has, mailed to us here in China and then we can go.  We will have our first meeting on a Monday afternoon and then we'll return Tuesday morning to sign all of the papers.  At that point we will overwhelm the internet with pictures and video of our beautiful and spectacular daughter.  Please prepare yourself!

Our agency is also working on scheduling our appointment in Guangzhou, which we will travel to after Nanjing.  This is the US immigration side of things and where we will receive permission to bring our daughter to the US and obtain her US visa (she flies in with a Chinese passport and a US visa).

Hopefully the timing will work out just perfect because we chose April 22nd as our first appointment with our daughter's doctor at the Children's Hospital of Illinois so we can discuss her next surgery.

Jamie was in Japan all last week for work and I had an overwhelming need to "nest".  I'm talking about going through bath toys, magazines, clothes, the whole deal.  It's going to pay off because we're headed to the USA baby!

Since the beginning, my blog has been called
Table for Five in anticipation of adding the
fifth member to the family.  The table is set sweet baby,
welcome to the family!


  1. Wonderful! I have enjoyed learning about our journey to fill your table of five. Can't wait to see 5 smiling faces sitting there

  2. So very excited for your family to be an offical 5! I'm so thrilled this chapter is finally coming to a close and you all can enjoy being a family of 5 and get to the next chapter... Annnddd I'm really looking forward to "squeezing your neck" as another good friend would say. Can't wait to see you all... Blessings to you all as you wrap up this adoption and begin your travels home to start a new one! Anxiously waiting your arrival on the other side... xo