Sunday, February 10, 2013

Surviving our first Chinese New Year "In Country"

We're not quite 24 hours into the official start of Chinese New Year (last year we were in the Philippines) and we seem to be surviving!  We celebrated with friends and feasted on jiaozi (dumplings) and mini-oranges.  Although, I think the biggest hit was the Kraft Mac & Cheese, Ranch dressing, and Girl Scout cookies I pulled out from my import "vault".

A line of dumplings ready to be boiled.

My new Chinese lantern made out of felt.

Just a few fireworks going off between the
apartment buildings across the street.

A low-flying firework in the distance.
At midnight the real spectacle began.  It woke up EBean & LBean and it took a little convincing that it was actually pretty neat to watch.  

I am pretty sure that these fireworks were being shot off from the top of this apartment building in our complex.

A few more fireworks in the distance...

And just so everyone can experience the sights & sounds, I thought I'd share a few videos.  Any sparkles or flashes in the distance are just more fireworks!  A friend that experienced the fireworks last year described it as feeling like the city was under attack and in a war zone.  I have to imagine that it must be pretty true.

Wishing you a happy & prosperous Year of the Snake!

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