Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What's That? Wednesday: For the love of Oranges

Is it possible to be obsessed with a fruit?  If so, sign me up for a support group.  Our family has fallen in love with the miniature oranges here.  You might know them as Mandarin oranges.  And, did you know, they don’t have to come from a can?  Amazing!
Seriously though, we buy these little gems 20-30 oranges at a time.  Each of us can eat 4-5 in a sitting and they are so easy to peel that EBean can take care of herself.  Some of the segments have seeds, but most do not and did I mention how sweet they are?  So yummy.  In fact, I will reach for one, or two, or three, instead of a piece of chocolate in my nightly “the kids are in bed and I now have some time to myself” celebration. (Anyone else participate in that celebration?)
And, don’t get me started on the strawberries that have been in season for the last 3 months...

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