Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What's That? Wednesday: 12/7/2011

Oh the wonders never cease!  Some things here so obviously make sense.  Removing your shoes before entering a home is a brilliant idea when the outside can be so dirty.  And, along that same line, I can respect the women that wear high-heels where the heel is made out of metal.  Not necessarily my taste, but when you walk around the city so much, the metal heels hold up so much better than any other material.  Other things still don't make so much sense.  Why, oh why, is okay for grown men to pee in the bushes or along the road-side?

This mystery also remains...

Sorry about the darkness of the photos.  It's dark here by
4:30 or 5:00 and even with the highest ISO, I still couldn't
take a good photo.  Listen to me throw around
some photography vocabulary!

Why is it necessary to paint the lower half of all of the trees in the city?  Jamie and I have asked around and we've done a bit of internet research and there is no definitive answer.  Some say it is for aesthetics or to protect the trees from bugs.  Jamie has even heard that it "keeps the trees warm".  Something about reflecting light and preventing large temperature shifts.  But, my counter-point is that if the trees are native to this area, shouldn't they already be equipped to handle the weather?  So, I think I will go with choice "D", which is that the government/city/apartment complex needs something for all of their workers to do.  There is very little grass clipping, water fountain maintenance or leaf raking that can occur now and there needs to be a project to keep everyone busy.  Why not paint the trees?

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  1. Maybe it has something to do with covering up all that pee?? ;)